aur T.V
aur T.V

The Project offcially launched in May 2019 with the signing of contract between IMS and Media Unlimited Pvt. Ltd. The Ceremony held at CAM Media House, G-8 Markaz Islamabad.

The IMS initiated the procurement process by dividing whole BOQ in 6 Phases. Total integration time was set to 6 to 8 months. The Project timeline were designed by us to initiate the Operational tasks simultaneously. Paving all the requirements, HR need assessments,

Policies, SOPS, JDS and all the necessary framework, Electrical, network and civil tasks was planned and executed..

The local fabrication included studio preparations, grids, metal work, electrical and networking installations, PCR and MCR infrastructures etc.

Lighting grid installation and testing of lights was critical in many aspects.

The Earthing and Power back up equipment took our 2 months. However, the tests were successful and it was a big relief. Another task to achieve was to install the Satellite Dish Antenna on the roof top. We decided to have C-Band and KU-Band antenna to be mounted / installed first.

C-Band and KU Band dish was installation required civil work as well and needs to be stong enough to hold maximum wind pressure and Civil & Tech teams did their best.

The other processe started and completed during this whole era were. Name Selection, Core Team selection, Branding guidelines, Emblem registration and some other official permissions from PEMRA. An other critical part of the project was to create basix workflow and technical diagrams. With the help of Two engineers the initial work was completed.




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