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Research is integral part of your business growth, we give you insights of the market trends to enable you for taking well informed decisions. We provide the Data Collection to complete analytical surveys across Pakistan and abroad.

  • Data Collection and Surveys
  • Competetor Analysis
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Mystery Shopping and
  • Feedback
  • Brand Image and
  • Positioning
  • Brand Value and Impact
  • Pre-launch and Post
  • Launch survey
  • Compliance and Quality
  • Checks
  • Client Satisfaction and
  • Response
  • Political Survey
  • Gender based
  • Preferences
  • Highly Skilled and
  • Technical Surve


                The global automotive industry is facing change on two fronts: a shifting industry landscape (such as emerging markets and increasing environment regulations) and evolving consumer behavior and expectations.

To remain competitive, automotive manufacturers and retailers need industry insights that provide clear direction on today’s markets and the consumer demands of tomorrow.  

Our automotive market research experts deliver smart insights across all areas: From optimizing new concepts and product design (for example through car clinics), identifying precise actions to improve car brand perception or experiences, to tracking automotive aftersales.

Consumer Goods

The number of touchpoints to between brands and consumers is increasing at an unprecedented rate.  Consumers are seeking richer retail experiences, rather than simply acquiring new products. There is also an intense competition for loyalty.

To be successful, consumer goods (FMCG, domestic appliances, home and living) companies need a comprehensive understanding of what is driving consumer choices and experiences at every touchpoint.

Our consumer goods research and insights illuminate the trends behind today’s market realities and tomorrow’s consumer demands.


The increasing global energy demand, volatile energy prices and regulatory frameworks are a key challenge for the energy industry – as are the global transition to renewable energy and customers expecting a transparent dialogue at all times.

We combine your existing energy market data with our latest research, to give you relevant and actionable insights that you can feed directly into your business strategies.

We provide consultation and advice to electricity, gas and water companies along the value chain – from exploration and production through to trade and retail. We support your services and products across all energy B2B and consumer markets.

We cover all aspects of energy and utility market research – whether it’s identifying and evaluating business opportunities, the analysis of your current brand perception, optimizing your marketing and sales, tracking your customer satisfaction, or identifying growth opportunities within the energy industry.

Fashion & Lifestyle

The Fashion and Lifestyle industry faces just about every challenge going: from demand driven omni-channel retailing that puts customer loyalty under pressure, through how to optimize distribution, to improving the ‘stickiness’ of your promotions and customer experiences.

To successfully tackle these challenges, fashion and lifestyle companies need a clear understanding of consumer attitude and behavior, as well as brand performance at every touch point.

Whether clothing, textiles or lifestyle products (such as sports goods, accessories, bags, sunglasses), we track consumer preferences, shopping behavior, purchase trigger points and brand experiences across all points of contact with your brand. Our fashion market researchers analyze this data to highlight areas that will produce the greatest increase in overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. And we identify clear actions to help you achieve growth within the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Financial Services

The competitive landscape has broadened significantly for the financial services industry. The trust factor is gone. Consumers have fast access to online user reviews, financial product comparisons and easy switching, making them savvier and more demanding.

Successful finance industry players deliver differentiated products and services to suit varying customer needs and increase trust by emphasizing transparency and client data security.

Our financial service research experts analyze market trends to deliver consumer insight and help you develop winning finance product and service strategies for your customers.


In the healthcare industry, innovation is judged far more by whether it delivers engaging health experiences than by the level of invention. And market access for state-of-the-art healthcare is under pressure globally.

To ensure commercial success, health companies must meet three challenges: innovate more effectively by looking beyond traditional research, maximize access to the marketplace by strengthening their brand’s value story in the eyes of regulators and understand the full customer experience to shape it to optimal advantage.

We provide insights in every market segment, from consumer health to prescription (Rx) and optics to health technology. Our health market research experts help you to develop winning strategies with our in-depth understanding of the driving factors and trends that are shaping opportunities. And our market access professionals bring pricing, reimbursement and health economic support to the pharma and medical devices & diagnostics sectors, thus delivering global payer insight to every stage of the value chain.

  • Animal Health
  • Consumer Health
  • Crop Health and Agriculture
  • Dental and Oral Health. Health Technology
  • Optics and Vision Care

Industrial Goods

Innovation is driving the change and opportunities in the manufacturing and industrial goods markets. Global demand is shifting, leading to an increased complexity for B2B companies as new markets spring up and existing markets change rapidly.

Customer and market intelligence is vital to succeed in this landscape. Industrial goods companies need to act quickly; exploiting smart data and market insights to drive their business forward.

Whether in industrial manufacturing, chemicals, infrastructure, defense, security or other B2B industrial goods markets, our research specialists help analyze your market position and performance compared to your competitors.

We help you develop winning strategies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve employee engagement and boost brand perception.  And we reveal the upcoming industrial goods market opportunities that are most impactful for your business.

Media Industry

The media and entertainment industry is experiencing rapid transformation. This offers significant opportunities for those broadcasters, publishers, agencies, content owners and digital platforms that can better understand the impact of this change.

Brand and Customer Experience (BaCE)

Brands are under pressure to develop emotional connections and relationships with consumers and business decision makers.  Brands need to respond in-the-moment, to enrich the customer experience – and develop strategies that influence 

Brands are under pressure to develop emotional connections and relationships with consumers and business decision makers.

Success relies on delivering experiences that resonate with our clients’ target audience(s), across every experience point that consumers have with a brand, products or services.

We help our clients enhance their brand and customer relationships by analyzing and optimizing the emotional imprint – the customer experiences that drive immediate purchase decisions, as well as long-term connections. And we provide this at local, regional, or global level.

Our brand and customer experience (BaCE for short) research addresses the many touchpoints across the customer journey, creating lasting emotional connections


The pace of change in the retail environment is driven by digital: more touchpoints, more product reviews and comparisons for consumers to access anytime, anywhere – and more variety in shopper paths-to-purchase.

To stay competitive and relevant, retail businesses need to understand evolving shopping behaviors and target group demands. They need to apply this knowledge to create differentiated experiences across both digital and physical environments.

Our retail industry research experts provide the insights to support you at every stage: from measuring your shoppers’ experiences and paths to purchase, to monitoring retail performance and trends.

Telecom and Technology

In today’s connected society, technology impacts all industries – driving opportunities and accelerating the speed of innovation.
                To stay competitive, technology companies need to understand consumers’ evolving experiences and choices.

Our technology market research experts deliver smart insights to create engaging and relevant concept designs, product positioning, advertising and customer experiences. Our technology industry expertise spans IT and IT B2B, consumer electronics (CE), photo, office equipment and telecommunications market performance, consumer research and trends.

                Real Estate & Construction Industry

                New opportunities, landscaping, trends and market analysis in growing economies.

Digital Market Intelligence (DMI)

When consumers shop, search, communicate, gather information and engage with companies or brands online, they behave differently depending on which device or screen they are using. And they expect a consistent experience regardless of the channel or device they are using. 

We capture and analyzes connected consumers’ actual online behavior on smartphones, tablets and computers. We combine this with data from offline channels to assess which factors are most influential in triggering purchase decisions at every digital point of contact consumers have with your brands, products and services.

By evaluating the impact of online and offline advertising, brand interaction and engagement, the role of social media and people’s digital experience, we give you the power to influence the all-important path to purchase of your customers.

We help you design effective multi-device and channel communication strategies and optimize the online and mobile experiences that you deliver; so that you increase your competitive edge across all channels and devices.

Promotion and Causal Retail

Shorter product life cycles and rapidly changing consumer preferences have increased the need for fast and dynamic reporting. This helps manufacturers and retailers determine market trends, pricing and assortment management.

We help you gauge the ROI of your marketing activities; providing insights across all causal sources from all over the world. From printed circulars, to ecommerce websites, to e-newsletter, to the point of sale in-store, we cover the consumer journey at retail within a leader panel.

We identify and analyze assortment, pricing, placement and promotions at SKU level by named key account to give you the full picture to monitor the impact on retail sales.


 Retailers and manufacturers are constantly under pressure to develop products and services that maximize sales and profit, and keep customers coming back.

Success relies on having the most up-to-date retail sales data, combined with an understanding of which products and services are performing well in the market – and which are not. With this knowledge, you can set clear strategies for commercial growth and increase return on investment.

Our Point of Sales (POS) Tracking experts will keep you fully updated on which retail and technical consumer goods products are selling, where, when and at what price. We can help you to track your market share and brand performance and benchmark this against the competition’s.

Discover which channels are popular with retailers and manufacturers and why. Obtain a detailed understanding of global and local market trends from a “big picture” macro level, down to individual product level, and assess their impact on online and offline outlets, on a monthly and weekly basis.

We have the world’s largest retail panel. We track products and deliver insights based on both retailer and reseller actual sales data. Using this intelligence, we can help you align product availability with the expected market demand, as well as to optimize product assortment, distribution and pricing strategy.

To follow is a list of the product categories that we track with our panel. The number of products covered across the globe is extensive, yet not all are tracked in every country. For further information on availability in your country of interest, please contact us.

We track and can provide actionable business insights for the following product categories:


Information technology

Office and stationery

Consumer electronics and photo


Major and small domestic appliances

Automotive aftermarket

Automotive new cars

DIY and home improvement


Furniture, housewares and sanitary equipment


Fashion and lifestyle

Travel and tourism

Pet care

Toys and games

Musical instruments

Health and medical supplies




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